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Wyoming Trucking Association, Inc.

The Wyoming Trucking Association was organized in 1939 as a result of the need for organized
support and unity of the trucking industry in the state.

WTA is composed of trucking companies, or carrier members, and associated members who are the
suppliers and support group of the trucking industry. Today, WTA membership includes more than
500 carrier members, ranging in size from one-man owner-operators to some of the state's largest
trucking companies. WTA also has more than 230 supplier members, such as truck stops, motels,
service stations, truck sales and service facilities, and factory representatives. While about 95 percent
of WTA members would be classified as small businesses, WTA also receives support from major
manufacturers and major long-haul carriers.

The primary concern of the Wyoming Trucking Association is the advancement of the interests of
transporters of property or passengers by motor vehicle.

WTA seeks to:

  • Educate those involved in the transportation industry on both state and federal matters affecting
    their operations
  • Affiliate with and establish reciprocal relations with any other associations -- commercial or
    industrial -- and with American Trucking Associations
  • Express the views of its members on matters affecting the interests of those engaged in
    transportation of property or passengers
  • Foster and advance safety on public roads and highways
  • Do whatever is necessary to create and stimulate a fair and intelligent attitude on the part of the
    public with respect to the business of its members, and to accomplish fair and intelligent
    legislation with respect thereto
  • Promote and foster the business of its members, and distribute to such members and to the
    public accurate and reliable information on matters of transportation
  • Do everything possible to remove abuses from the business of motor vehicle transportation

In order to achieve these aims and objectives, the Wyoming Trucking Association, through its board of
directors and trained staff personnel, maintains the following services:

  • 10 conferences representing the specialized services of its members
  • a Council of Safety Supervisors
  • life and health insurance
  • legislative committees
  • lobbying efforts during the legislative session
  • a bulletin service offering detailed bulletins to all members
  • an association membership-services directory
  • the Wyoming Trucker magazine, distributed to members and key personnel over the state
  • public relations efforts
  • government and regulatory liaison services
  • an annual convention and other area meetings
  • business forms and supplies for members
  • educational assistance to Wyoming schools on vocational and technical training
  • schools and workshops for WTA members on state and federal regulations
  • maintenance seminars for WTA members

All of the above services are carried out under the direction of the managing director of the Wyoming
Trucking Association.

Wyoming Trucking Association
P.O. Box 1909
555 N. Poplar Street (82601)
Casper, WY 82602
Phone: (307) 234-1579
Fax: (307) 234-7082
Sheila Foertsch
Managing Director