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Welcome to The American Driver Photo Gallery
The American Driver had received a suggestion for a photo section for drivers to share their photos from "TheRollingStone" and felt this was an excellent idea.  
So, we have added a new album to the photo gallery.

"Driver's Pictures From The Road" has been set-up for all drivers wishing to share photos they have taken of places they've been, or things they've seen.  No
registration is required.  We've set the permissions to allow any driver to upload their photos.  If you need any help with the upload process, email your question(s)

The American Driver requests that all drivers use good judgement regarding the type of photos they upload.  We will be monitoring the "Driver's Pictures From The
Road" album.  Excessive photos (example: 20 pics from the party you were at last night) is not what this album is intended for and will be edited down to two or
three pics.  Obscene photos are strictly prohibited.