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Hello,  My name is Dave King and I have been a trucker for 20 plus years.  I am extremely disappointed
in our elected officials, to put it mildly!  
They, our government, have made it impossible to make a decent
living driving a truck
these days.  Once, not too long ago you could feel proud to know you earned a living in
trucking and did not need to depend on your spouse to could make ends meet.  That is no longer the case!
NAFTA was brought in to seal the fate of the American dream.  We are under
attack from within and its up to you, the American people, to make a stand!
I am an o/o and have had my truck parked since 2005!  The money just wasn't there with the rates being what they have
been for decades!  Fuel was $2.25/gl then and now its $4.50/gl.  
If we don't do something soon we will be history!
Feel free to email with your comments.  Thank you ~ Dave King

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Please take a stand and fight with us and
Dave King [freightmaster]
My Thoughts On Why The Government Wants To Crash The Economy

After most Americans file for bankruptcy, they will feel very beat down and dis-hearted (ie. "vulnerable".)  Then when
the situation is right, the note on the national debt will be demanded, "9 trillion I believe!"  Then for the grand finale
we either except the North American Union or we forfeit our country...either way we lose.  Thats just what I think, I
may be wrong.

Bank Lord Game Plan
Typical of a debt money system, the Federal Reserve bank lords use a game plan that follows this
Six Point Format:
1. Control. Only private banks can create money and they charge us for it. They have us hooked right there with
that monopoly. Whoever controls the money controls all people and their economy.
Triple Expo Factor
  a) Money for interest is never created at the time of the loan, creating a money shortage.
  b) Principal and interest payments are removed from circulation, creating a money shortage.
  This also forces additional borrowing of newly created debt money.
  c) Compound interest is deployed, escalating the debt astronomically.

Credit Removal. Remove credit from workers, forcing them to borrow. That stolen credit goes into private
accounts of bank lords. This may be a result or part of the Triple Expo Factor, or it may be a 5th expo. (See below.)
War by Fraudulent Deception. Government spending (and hence, borrowing) is greatly increased by war
tactics. War is very profitable for the wealthy and the rich kids don’t have to fight. The real cause of economic
problems, the bank lords, is never revealed to the masses. Mass media promotion of false causes leads to rebellion
and war. This is fraud at its highest.
Contentment. The controlling people keep just enough influential people contented to avoid social upheaval and
to keep people uninformed and paying. Complication fosters ignorance, obscuring the truth. People don’t care.
Interest. The trick the billionaire bank lords pull is
  a) Get control. (1 and 3)
  b) Create only debt money. (2a and 2b)
  c) Push the debt up high. (2c, 3 and 4)
Keep it not payable by creating a money shortage. (2a, 2b and 3)
Make big profits via the compound interest swindle at high rate with no outlay. (2c)
  The profit is tremendous with our huge national debt that is impossible to pay with this Game Plan.

Documentation below.
More on Credit Removal. Another inherent flaw in the Fed’s debt money system is the omission of real value.
When they create money as debt in their present routine, they
omit the real value, namely labor (including
services) and natural resources
. But this is not just omission - it is robbery. For, in that manner they take the
credit of us real workers and move it into their private treasure-troves.
Money credit in this nation belongs to
us people
. We people and our own earth must be the only real basis for the issuance and control of money.
Currently, when the Fed and all bank lords create debt money, they illegally usurp our people’s credit, leaving us
without jobs and money to survive. In addition, it is possible that credit removal is a fifth exponential increase. This is
just plain and simple robbery. Congress must stop this whole scale theft.

Fed Is Privately Owned Please be advised: The Federal Reserve System is privately owned and
privately operated in secret for private gain, for practical purposes
. That is the essence of a ruling by
the Ninth Circuit Court in San Francisco.
The billionaire bank lords that own the Fed have usurped so much
power that they no longer bow even to our elected President and Congress
. They manipulate the economy
to their whims. No doubt a number of less than discreet Congressmen have been bought by the Fed. This fact (if it is
true), coupled with the inexcusable lack of understanding of money by the majority of the Congress,
enables the
Fed to lead Congress to institute laws to the benefit of the billionaire bank lords and to the detriment of
us people

Notice that all the items in the Game Plan are imaginary
1. Using an agenda of unreal items, the private bank lords have caused us to run up a national
debt in the trillions of dollars
. By keeping it not payable, they are raking in billions in interest. Why the
billionaire bank lords retain control has been stated by the sages and is now clear:
Whoever controls the money
controls all people and most things
. No way should we let the real private bank lords use our unreal money in an
unreal business to control our real lives. But that is exactly what is currently being done, BIG TIME. All this tripe is
ridiculous. Our Constitution dictates that our government is to make our money, which would be debt free. We must
tell Congress they must create our money and never borrow. But don’t create too much!

One can not run from a debt money system. This is one of those strange characteristics of that unreal game.
Just in case you thought about leaving town at midnight, forget it. There have been TV shows about people trying to
escape, but are always caught. A bubble went out and picked up one guy after his weekly escape adventure. Well,
welcome to the real part of this show. You cannot run from the Federal Reserve System. That unreal video game
comes out into our real life and controls us. It is rather scary!
The debt money system develops such a
universal strangle hold on all human life that its effects reach everywhere
. Even though you might retreat to
the most remote region in America, others running from the treachery of the debt system will soon push at your
retreat, if they were not there before you. Sooner or later you will need medical supplies and services, if not for
yourself, for your child. From that point on you are again in the grasp of the debt system as you pay increasingly
higher prices. All people in the kingdom must pay the assessment to the bank lords. For, so far reaching is the debt
system’s power that it influences all human life in its society and government. From Congress on down to the smallest
borrower at the local bank, all people must pay interest to those controlling the debt system. Each loan requires an
increase in price to pay for the increase in cost of debt money. That is, each successive loan is larger, thus costing
more interest, which raises prices. In this manner you must pay your share of continual interest taxes to the tyrants
that control the system. Since the debt is ever increasing, it means that each person must work increasingly harder
and longer to survive. There is no escape.
History reveals that a debt money system eventually destroys the
civilization that it controls
. Only time is needed to support this fact, but by then all will be lost. It is really no
different than the old European feudal systems from which our forefathers fled to start a new life of fairness in
America. (Lindbergh On the Fed..., 21) It is rather scary!

A unique trait is the invisible nature of the debt money system deployed by the Federal Reserve System. Like an
virus, the Fed spreads to all people, eventually controlling them. It is most unique in that its victims support
and protect it. Totally unaware of the attack, the attacked openly defend the very weapon that is destroying them.
The Fed’s debt money system is a most covert video game. If only people would recognize its dangerous threat. The
web page
"Mental Alien"2 exposes the invisible nature of the Fed’s debt money system as well as the futility of
Jobs are becoming more scarce, yet I am expected to pay a rapidly increasing national debt not
of my making. This is wrong. The bank lords created this strange epic by usurping my credit
money. That is downright bank robbery by fake proxy.

Bank Lords Game Plan

From one proud American citizen to another, don’t let them destroy OUR AMERICA !!!!!!!!