Truckers and Citizens of America
South Region Representative
I am the wife of an o/o who has been in this industry for over 13 years (5 years otr and 8 years local).  I have
taken a stand against the fuel prices and have devoted the last 2 months fighting for our truckers and the citizens
of America.  I currently spend my days contacting our government by email or phone asking them to step up and
protect the American people from what is happening to our country, and to introduce them to the
asking them to support it.  We are asking
ALL AMERICANS  to take a stand with us.  With your help WE CAN
make a difference.  We are making progress in getting our government's attention, but we MUST be aggressive...
contact our government daily, weekly, etc. ~
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Please take a stand and fight with us and
Sheila Crouch [Tn.TruckersWife]
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A Call To All Americans

Our country is in serious trouble and the American people are suffering. Business's have come to a halt and
Americans can no longer afford gas for their cars to go to work or for food to feed their families. If you have not been
affected yet and our country continues in this downward spiral, then it is only a matter of time before you will be
begging for mercy. 63% of our country is already in financial trouble and for many it is already too late. That is more
than half of our country.
How long do you think it will take before it reaches you?
We must take a stand now and fight for our lives and our families to protect them from the people (Oil Co.’s) who
have it all (money) and want to take it all away from us. They are taking away everything that people have worked for
all their lives.
What gives them the right to do this to us? How dare they keep taking more and more until they
have taken everything and we are left with nothing. We are allowing them to do this to us by not standing up for
ourselves .
It is time to say “No more, you can’t have my home, my car, my truck, my farm, my food for my
family, you have no right to take these things from us.
We are calling on you now and asking you to join this fight
before it is too late. You may be the one to hang on a little longer than others but when your day comes and you are
crying out for help who will be there to fight with you then, because you held on a little longer than others.
stand with us to protect our country and the lives of the American people before you wake up one day and
they are knocking on your door to take away your American dream
. Every American citizen needs to realize it is
only a short period of time before everyone’s American dream will be taken away.

While you are browsing the internet, reach out to your government, Senators, congress, etc. and send them an
email, let them know Americans are hurting, speak on behalf of
ALL AMERICANS, not as an individual. Place signs
on your cars, in your yards and businesses and let’s be blunt about it, “Oil Co.’s are driving Americans broke.” Write
letters to newspapers addressed “Letters to the Editor”
Boycott Exxon, don’t purchase fuel from them drive across
the street . Email everyone you know and pass along the information and ask them to join the fight. This is how we let
them know , we as American’s stand together and we will fight to keep the things we have worked hard for all our
lives and they do not have a right to take it from us.

From one proud American citizen to another,
don’t let them destroy OUR AMERICA !!!!!!!!