The American Driver
From Drivers...For Drivers
The American Driver is a philosophy of ideas and concerns of drivers all across America, based
on the foundation of how this country was created. Given the lack of respect that we deserve,
and because of our role in the economic growth that has made this country strong, The
American Driver has a voice that will be heard with the strength from drivers, as we fight to
continue to keep the foundation of this country, our country, were it belongs, "Free and

Here we bring together tools to help strengthen drivers, or anyone else traveling the roads. We
don't want you to feel lost, alone or uninformed as you travel across this great country.

The American Driver helps to inform you of the events that effect us, and the rights of drivers
and their families...Over The Road, Regional, Local. If you drive a vehicle, your a driver...

The American Driver welcomes you to use this website in hopes that it can help make a
difference when it comes to the rights and respect that we all so much deserve.

Together we decide were we go, because, "This is Our Country." Be Safe and God Bless - JB